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Sept. 28 & 29, 2012

Sept. 28 & 29, 2012
Pit party starts at 6:30pm & show at 8:00pm

2218 Knight Rd. Denison, Tx 75020
Adults $18 (12 yrs & older)
Children $14 (11 yrs & under)

If your company, church, organization or group needs a promo boost -- call the PiNN-iT guys and book a show.  Young and Old alike are amazed at the jumps and tricks these riders can do.
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Daniel 7/23/11 at Bonham Heritage Days

Deano 7/23/11 at Bonham Heritage Days

Daniel at 5/11/11 at Finley-Oates School

Deano 5/11/11 at 
Finley-Oates School   click here to see ntxe-news

Bonham, TX - Daniel & Deano performed in two shows for ~ 600 Finley-Oats Students 

Daniel at Finley- Oates Elementary students & staff.  
 PINN-IT performed with the George Cardin Circus in 2010 & 2011

Daniel at the Circus in Dallas

Daniel 4/4/10 - 1st jump ever in Antingua 

at the new Cowboys Stadium
over 50,000 in attendence

Kenny "Kiss of Death" 
PiNN-iT Bash 

PiNN-iT means to "go-a-little-faster"  /  "push-it-to-the-limit"
Daniel Weeks owner of PiNN-iT has enjoyed riding and jumping dirt bikes for years and has always pushed it to the limit!   Not everyone gets to make a living doing what they love to do!  Along with his annual PiNN-iT-Bash that takes place each August, he has a complete setup for just about any show.  Including, Take-off ramp, Landing ramp  and riders to perform just about any where space will allow.  Click Booking Info for details on scheduling shows for your business, church group, promotional events, special events or fund raisers. 

If you are a rider and need to rent RAMPS call Daniel at 903-227-1391.

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